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"I was impressed with how skillfully he handled all 330 students. The students were responsive and enjoying, watching and participating. The remained positive and respectful throughout the assembly. I highly recommend Scott and Susan for school assembly."
Kris Brown, Principal, Holy Rosary School

"As a fellow physical education teacher I highly recommend Taekwondo Masters Scott and Susan, to teach classes for a day at your school."


Paige Nills, PE Teacher, Gregory Heights Elementary - Highline Public Schools

"Scott and Susan possess excellent skills explaining, teaching and demonstrating Taekwondo to the students."
Ron Rall, Teacher of the Year, Washington State - Seattle School District

"Scott and Susan were excellent role models for the students. They demand respect and hard work, yet were flexible and caring."
Val Ritchie, Dept. Head Psycho-Physical Development
Seattle Preparatory School

"Mr. Craig and Ms. McCall prepare the students well for the difficulties of Taekwondo. The students participate enthusiastically in their activities, react positively to the praise and behave extremely well. Students are benefiting physiologically and psychologically through the insightful teaching of Mr. Craig."
Christopher P. Conroy, Principal, Seattle Preparatory School

"Our students have responded very positively to the values Scott and Susan exhibit in their work. Additionally, our students have been extremely proud and enthusiastic about the self-defense skills they have acquired as a result of Scott and Susan’s great instruction."
Jim Sullivan, Dean of Students, Seattle Preparatory School

"Scott and Susan taught over 400 girls for a three day period in a most professional manner. Through their expertise, we have gained confidence, self-esteem and an awareness of how to defend ourselves."
Barbara Cole, PE Teacher, Alderwood Middle School

"Scott was very skillful in his presentation explanations. The students were very attentive due to the way Scott presented the program. I highly recommend Scott ad Susan for a school assembly."
Chuck Bocian, PE Instructor, Villa Academy

"Mr. Craig and Ms. McCall are amazing instructors who work well with adults as well as children, teaching them respect and responsibility from the start. I honestly don’t think there are better instructors out there."
Lauren Holman, Black Belt

My wife and I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder child. Scott and Susan’s steady, balanced discipline, coupled with the compassion they showed, allowed our son to flourish and grow in the class.
W. Tracy Codd, Parent


"Our son Harry has some issues – Asperger symptoms. Your program was exactly what he needed to grow through some difficult times for him. His motor skills and coordination improved greatly. He learned discipline and his ability to concentrate carried over into other classrooms."
Al Davignon, Parent

"Children on the Autism Spectrum are not always the easiest to communicate with. You have both done an excellent job of working with our son and with us to make a successful experience for him. Thank you for all you have done for him and those others you have worked with who have special needs."
Sara Mills Taekwondo Parent

This letter is a statement about our highly positive impression of Mr. Craig and Ms. McCall’s Seattle Taekwondo Academy. Our boys are different and required different things from Mr. Craig, but both benefited from the program. They both had to meet the expectations for the program and follow rules and be respectful. We highly recommend Seattle Taekwondo Academy.
George Ankuta Ph.D.
Lisa Cowden Ph.D.

I am very happy for my son and the success that he has found under the instruction of
Mr. Craig and Ms. McCall and their Taekwondo program.
Pamela Mead, Taekwondo Parent

Mr. Scott Craig and Ms. Susan McCall have been our Taekwondo Instructors for over five years. They have been wonderful mentors, shown remarkable patience, and made efforts on our children’s behalf that is above any expectation.
Mary Ryding, St. Francis Parent

I have seen the tough sides of you both and I have seen the gentle sides of you. Both sides of each of you are an asset to our children and together you are a dynamic duo. Thank you for giving my daughter skills for life and for her safety. I will always be grateful for you in our lives.
Susana Vijarro, Taekwondo Parent & Student, Seattle Police Department Detective

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